July 24, 2015

More information from our Owner

Welcome to our Company Site

On behalf of S²G Software Solutions, I want to welcome you to our site. I started this company to provide Enterprise class customized development solutions for small to mid-size companies. Prior to starting this company, I worked for 20 years in a mixture of government defense and private sector development projects.  I wanted to bring the model of subcontracting work to the private sector for those companies that wanted to have a tech product, but didn’t have the technical expertise to create the product, or for those companies that were technical, but lacked a particular skill to complete their project(s). We do so using developers based in the US; however, that doesn’t mean we are expensive. We can offer competitive pricing through our careful mix of senior and less senior level personnel. This allows us to match or come close to many of the off-shore rates. Even our less senior personnel must have project experience before they are considered for employment. Thus we can maintain a high quality development staff to meet your products needs.

Through my experience dealing with Enterprise class back end software, and experience on large defense contracts, I have been able to put together a team that can support the development and/ or integration of custom and commercial server software products, as well as custom desktop and native mobile app expertise. Our mobile app development team develops and delivers apps for the Android and iOS environment. We support many of the popular backend server environments including JBoss, Spring, Parse, etc…, and have extensive experience delivering projects in Java to include Javascript platforms, C++, and SQL languages.

If you are interested in discussing our services more, please email us at info@s2gsoft.com.

If you are interested in applying for employment, please email us at jobs@s2gsoft.com.

Thanks you for your interest, and good luck with your business.

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